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All international finals and semi finals from 1956 to 2017 collected on 18 blu-ray discs. 1956 & 1964 are multimedia versions. The best quality recordings for each year have been used in this collection. Delivered with covers, artprint on each disc. Price €250 for the set and standard shipping. If you wish registered and insured shipping it will cost an additional €40.

Picture of collection: 1, 2.

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Only live performances of all the songs from 1978 to 2017. A 4 disc collection, with the 4th disc being all Danish performances in the Eurovision Song Contest.

€99 + 4.50 shipping.


Only live performances of all the songs from 1960, 1974 to 2017. A 5 disc collection.

€149 + 4.50 shipping.

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27.11.2017 Eurovision Junior:
2017 DVD
24.11.2017 Eurovision Junior:
2017 CD
05.10.2017 Eurovision programs:
Op weg naar het Songfestival 2014 (TROS)
Die 10 schraegsten Grand Prix Momente (RTL 23.5.15)
15.09.2017 National finals:
France 2017
05.07.2017 National finals:
France 2002, En route pour l Eurovision
International finals:
1981, multi commentary to choose from: BBC, RTF & YLE. Stereo.
Eurovision programs:
Heinzl Spezial Unser Weg nach Baku 22.5.12 und Heinzl am ESC 26.5.12
Eurovision in Concert 2014. Out TV.
Mr Eurovision proudly presents (ORF, 2017)
Eurovision 2017 Red Carpet (Dual layer)
Eurovision 2017 @ De Pauw (09.05. & 11.05.2017)
Eurovision Entrée De L'artiste (France 2, 2015)
Esc Countdown Mit Andi Knoll (ORF, 2015 )
Alle tiders Melodi Grand Prix (NRK, 2017)
Van Gils En Gasten (Before semi 1, 2 & final 2016)
Van Gils En Gasten (Before semi 1 & final 2017)
Eurovision artists:
The Common Linnets - Calm Before The Storm
The Common Linnets and Friends in Concert (AVROTROS)
Opium Night live. The Common Linnets (AVRO 2014)
Peter, Sue and Marc - Jede bruucht sy Insel
Kirsti Sparboe - Livets karusell (NRK, 2014)
2 programs with Anita Thallaug
Den svenske gruppen Family Four Singers på Oslo-besøk (NRK, 1975)
Levina Im ESC Fieber (Das Erste)
Monica Zetterlund synger (NRK, 1970)
Lulu - Something to shout about (15.11.2011)
Lulu - Piers Morgans Life Stories (18.05.2012)
Abba the image (13.12.2013)
The ABBA years (12.04.2009)
The Joy of Abba - Abba at the BBC (27.12.2013)
The nation's favourite ABBA song (05.10.2010)
Nana Mouskouri - White rose of Athens at the BBC (05.12.2008)
Samantha Janus - Who do you think you are (15.08.2012)
ABBA - Don Kirshner's Rock Concert & More... (1972-1978)
ABBA Music In Review 1973 1982
Amedeo Minghi - Un Uomo Venuto da Lontano (Concerto Auditorium)
Bonnie Tyler - Live In Germany 1993 (2011)
Bonnie Tyler - Bonnie On Tour (2006)
Serge Gainsbourg - Histoire de Melody Nelson (2011)
Mia Martini - Live collection (2013)
Bonanza disc #5:
Performances from Allsang på Grensen (2016)
29.05.2017 Cd:
13 performances from "Kaikkien aikojen Euroviisut"
28.05.2017 National finals:
Digital recordings of the finnish finals from 1989. 1990. 1991 and 1992.
Eurovision programs:
I love 1998 (BBC 2001, Presented by Dana International)
Abba the tribute (2002)
Euroviisujen Parhaat (Yle 2007, Finnish concert with many past entrants)
Eurovision artists:
Nanne Grönvall - Solo
Dana International - Lady D
Behind the scenes:
Hard Rock Eurovision – Behind The Scenes In Athens (Greek regional tv, 2006)
21.05.2017 National finals:
Digital recordings of Finland 1993 and 1994.
International finals:
2017, final from SBS (Australia)
1973, new excellent recording of the international final
May 2017 Eurovision artists and more:
Lena Philipsson - Mitt namn är Lena Ph Special (TV4, 2005)
Lena Philipsson - Lena Philipsson Deluxe special (TV4, 2007)
Lena Philipsson - Lena Philipsson På Rondo (SVT, 1989)
Ralph Siegel - Moments of my life (Documentary)
Douwe Bob - Eyes on the prize
Sergey Lazarev - The Videos 2005 - 2010
Peter Jöback - En popdokumentar (2000)
Sagan Om Friends/Heja Friends (2001)
Eurovision programs:
Best of Eurovision 2007 (OUT TV)
Best of Eurovision 2008 (OUT TV)
Best of Eurovision 2009 (OUT TV)
Best of Eurovision 2011 (OUT TV)
Best of Eurovision 2012 (OUT TV)
Best of Eurovision 2013 (OUT TV)
Top of the Pops Eurovision Special 2007 (BBC)
A Question Of Pop Eurovision Special (BBC, 2001)
1960s: Cilla/The Sandie Shaw Supplement/Lulu's Back In Town
1973: The Tommy Cooper Hour - guest Clodagh Rodgers
1974: The Tommy Cooper Hour - Dana
2000: Cinderella – panto starring Samantha Janus
2002: Abba, the tribute
1999 from IBA

EUROVISIONS - Documentary from ARTE, with Swedish commentary. Looking back upon the history of Eurovision, and especially a look at what happens behind the scenes of Eurovision 2016. Highly reccomended!
Country Year Price  
All national finals and presentations on dvd. You save between 40 and 50%.
All national finals and presentations on blu-ray. Long selections like the ones from Lithuania, Hungary etc.. will be collected and delivered after the final is over.
Includes Sanremo festivale. You saev between 40 and 50%.
Eurovision 60th Anniversary
Dual layer disc. Delivered with cover.

€18 for orders within Europe.

Eurovision 60th Anniversary Blu-ray.
Delivered with cover.

Ç25 for orders within Europe.
3 Dvds with all winning performances from Eurovision Song Contest 1956 to 2015.

€ 24.99. Includes cover.

Eurovision Song Contest 2016 on Dvd.

2 semi finals and 1 grand final. €30 + shipping
Eurovision Song Contest 2016 on Dvd + 2016 Previews

2 semi finals and 1 grand final. €36 + shipping
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